Study finds how oceans release microplastics into atmosphere – World News Network

Microplastic waste can be discovered in the marine environment even at far-off places in the world. According to research led by Dr Barbara Scholz-Bottcher of the University of Oldenburg, these tiny particles originate on land but are also released back into the atmosphere by the sea.

Did you know soils play key role in keeping planet cool? – World News Network

The study investigated how to stop soil carbon from evaporating and trapping heat in the air.

Blue-light glasses may not alleviate screen-induced eye strain: Study – World News Network

According to a review of 17 randomised controlled trials, blue light-blocking eyewear has no effect on computer-related eye strain or sleep quality. The included studies did not examine this outcome, hence the study found no evidence that blue-light-filtering lenses protect the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. Since the early 2000s, optometrists have increasingly prescribed or suggested blue-light filtering lenses, often known as blue-light-blocking eyeglasses. Researchers from the University of Melbourne conducted the latest review, which was published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews with collaborators from City, the University of London, and Monash University.